Image: Closeup of an ATM as a hand inserts a card into the reader

ATMs the Easy Way

Here on the Shore, we know that many people still prefer to pay in cash. This is not something that will be changing anytime soon.

There are benefits to using cash for everyone, including:

  • Quick and easy transactions for you and your customers
  • No credit card fees on cash transactions
  • No minimum amounts
  • Maintains customers’ privacy
  • No APR or annual fees for customers to worry about.

We offer both permanent placement as well as mobile ATMs for events.

Cost of Placement


You allow us to place one of our ATMs at your location, and we split the profits.

Our ATM placement customers easily earn hundreds of dollars per month in well-trafficked locations and enjoy reduced credit card fee payouts as more customers choose to pay with cash.

How It Works

We’ll set up an appointment to discuss where to place the ATM at your business, how much foot traffic your business receives, whether you provide any cash-only products or services, how often the machine will likely need to be refilled, and whether you plan to provide cash and cash management or have us do it.

From there, we’ll select a machine and a placement plan to best suit your needs.

A skilled DTS technician will:

  • Deliver and install the ATM, usually within 1 week and sometimes 24-48 hours
  • Offer basic training on assisting customers, what to do if there’s a problem
  • Provide cash management training if you plan to provide the cash for the machine
  • Provide all other regular service/maintenance
  • Be on call 24/7 should your ATM ever go down.

Mobile ATMs: Supporting Local Events and Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Every weekend year-round sees local events offering tables and opportunities to artists, crafters, solopreneurs, niche retailers, small farms, food trucks, and so many more.

Many of these small businesses only take cash—or can’t use their mobile card readers, if their cellular plan has spotty service from their tent on the farm field.

Event planners: Make your visitors and your vendors happy with mobile ATM placement.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?