Machine repair

Regular ATM Machine Maintenance

Does it seem as though your ATM is always going down right when you need it most? Do you have multiple ATMs (across multiple locations) that regularly need repair?

Keep your costs down and save time with our ATM maintenance services.

Maintenance Services

We provide ongoing support—including cash management—for all ATMs.

The majority of our service maintenance clients are also our ATM placement customers: They supply the retail location, DTS supplies the machine and services it, and we split the profit.

We also provide regular service for ATM owners located here on the Delmarva. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

EMV Upgrades and Equipment

Chip readers make transactions faster and safer than ever.

Minimize your losses due to fraud by making sure your card transactions are encrypted and secure.

Your customers will thank you!

We make upgrading your ATMs or Credit card terminals fast and easy. Learn more about our EMV technology services.

Number One Tip for Keeping Your ATM in Good Repair

Warning Dirty Keypad

This one simple trick will keep your ATM machine in working order longer.

It’s so easy, and yet almost no one does it!

Not doing this quick and painless task results in more damage than many retailers realize.

The easiest way to reduce your need to call a technician for repair?

Here it is! The One Thing Every ATM Technician Wishes You Knew

Here It Is! The One Thing Every ATM Technician Wishes You Knew

Dust your unit!

Put it on your calendar to dust your ATM(s) a few times a year.

Don't let the keypads and vents get cruddy, nor anywhere else on the machine.

You’ll have fewer repairs.

You'll have easier maintenance.

Your machine will last longer.

ATM with screen reading Dust Me and a duster

Next Steps: ATM Maintenance

Contact us to book an appointment to discuss ATM cash management, regular maintenance and other non-emergency tech support needs. A local DTS technician will be in touch to schedule your free consultation.

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